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Tree surgery – as the name suggests – is the direct and practical maintenance of trees and large, perennial woody plants.

A tree surgeon will make use of ropes, harnesses, chainsaws and other machinery, such as stump grinding machines and wood chippers.

Tree management, tree conservation and tree maintenance

Tree surgery is just one of the practices of Arboriculture, a science which focuses on every aspect of tree care. From tree production and cultivation through to Local Authority protection, management, conservation and maintenance of trees.

Arboriculture is principally concerned with the scientific research and care of individual trees. Trees which provide landscape and amenity value in urban environments such as streets, parks and gardens. This focus on individual specimens is what differentiates Arboriculture from Forestry, which is the cultivation and care of groups of trees.

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The most common operations undertaken by tree surgeons are pruning, branch removal, felling, dismantling and stump removal. They may also be called upon to install supports for weak branch unions using props or modern bracing equipment. Tree surgeons are also required to diagnose ill health in trees and make recommendations for dangerous or unhealthy trees.

Modern arboriculture has come a very long way in the past 40 years. There are several practices that were popular in the seventies and eighties, but which are now considered outdated and even detrimental to tree health. One example of this is the use of wound dressings which were once thought to protect fresh branch cuts from pathogen attack.

Modern research found that the opposite of this was actually taking place and the dressing provided an environment for fungal and bacterial infection to take place and advance into the vascular system of the tree.

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