We understand how difficult it can be to remove a healthy tree from your garden.

This is why Arbor Cura Tree Surgery makes annual donations to The Woodland Trust. So you can rest assured that when you employ Arbor Cura’s trained arborists, a percentage of our profits will pay for the planting of new native tree species in the UK.

Trees filter and clean the air

As our natural environment comes under increasing pressure, the cultivation of native plants in gardens and public places becomes more and more important for conserving our precious wildlife. Trees absorb harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide and in turn produce oxygen.

Woodland Trust donation certificate 2013

Woodland Trust donation certificate 2013

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Furthermore, they filter and trap pollutants and toxic particles, cleansing the air in the process. On a global scale, trees maintain our environment in ways that we are just beginning to understand. By absorbing massive amounts of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, trees and plants help to mitigate the devastating effects of global warming.

Trees give our countryside character

The myriad of fungi, insects, birds and animals of the British Isles have evolved alongside our native trees and shrubs for Millennia, and without the food and shelter the plants provide they would not survive.

Native trees and shrubs are the essence of regional identity and help to preserve the character of the countryside; they are adapted to local soils and climate, so generally have lower maintenance requirements. In addition, many will grow in difficult areas of the garden, with little or no fertiliser.

For more information on the Arbor Cura Tree Surgery Tree-Cycle scheme, give us a call on 07767 333 559 or 01273 823 550 or contact us now.

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